Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash

He weaves a ladder

from strands of his hair

and when his head is bald

he takes of himself

molecule by molecule

and slowly fades from sight.

The sky is his home

and its accoutrements his only companions.

He has given up everything

in order to understand

the truth of his existence.

There is nothing left

but to climb until all

possibility is exhausted.

And so he climbs

ever higher.

The light thins

and then yields to blackness.

He cannot see, taste, feel, smell, hear

he has only a knowingness to guide him.

There is no more air to be siphoned,

no more heartbeats to warm him

and fill him with music.

He is all soul.

Whatever he touches

reaches straits through him.

Whatever he holds, however, momentary,

unifies within him.

His consciousness extends

over vast distances

and one by one he becomes

all the stars in the sky.

Photo by mouad bouallayel on Unsplash

Inspired by The Archeo (an oracle deck which speaks of personality archetypes)


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