4 thoughts on “3 Poems Published in Suburban Witchcraft

    1. https://mindlovemisery.wordpress.com/2021/03/05/exchange/

      Crepuscular Flowers

      I place my heart on your pillow,
      a love letter warm and tremulous,
      a merciful feast,
      a garden of diabolical seeds
      and crepuscular flowers.
      In the dark
      face to face
      we share
      the same breath,
      our bodies fluttering together
      like the leaves on a tree.

      You are the constellations aligned,
      a world born from my soul’s detritus
      and the ageless but ill-timed dreams
      that are known only
      when the eyes turn inward.
      I love you as the moon
      loves her young shepherd,
      as the mother loves
      her sleeping children,
      as the old man
      loves his withered wife.

      You drink me
      my blood, my breath,
      my marrow
      both red and yellow.
      A shudder captivates
      my body long after
      you have left it,
      a little earthquake,
      a wordless prayer
      which belongs as much
      to God as to the Devil.
      I am still here
      where you left me
      savage and wanting.
      I am still here
      sowing scars and fingerprints
      into the plaintive darkness.
      I am still here
      touching your things
      softly with my tears.

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