I need help with a very disgusting issue.

About 2 months ago I decided to try the no shampoo approach (I absolutely do not recommend it, the dangers are grossly understated). Before going the no shampoo route I was washing my hair every 7-10 days. My hair produced very little by way of natural oils originally. It never smelled. It always felt clean. I have coarse, plentiful, wavy/curly hair. For every hair follicle I have 2 to 4 hairs so I just have a lot of hair. I was using organic products, no sulfate blah blah but it was getting super expensive. Anyhow since I started my hair has started to produce some mysterious substance. It is a very solid fat, it is not oil. This fat is not well distributed through the hair and I cannot get it evenly distributed brushing, combing, massaging, ignoring nothing works. This substance collects massive amounts of dirt and so my hair is absolutely, disgustingly filthy 10 minutes after a wash. It does not smell bad thankfully, my roommate is non stop sniffing my head so I guess it has a nice scent but the hair is so gross. Despite being covered in lard my hair is still frizzy and coarse. My scalp is not irritated at all. No itching or redness. My scalp feels pretty good so it does not seem like the follicles are clogged. I have tried now washing my hair with shampoo but it does not help. I cannot find anything that will break down this substance. It can’t be product build up because I wasn’t using products so what is there to build up? I have been working around trees a lot, maybe I have sap mixed with oil or something? How do I get out sap? Lard? Will it be necessary to shave my head? Is this just how normal hair is? It can’t be that awful, I would rather have horse hair as before if this is what hair feels like. Do I have a disease? I have seen no improvement at all in my hair. It certainly looks and feels worse. Because of the grease it is even harder than before to get wet. I have oddly very waterproof hair, like a duck or something. I have to submerge my head for a long time and it still never gets fully wet.


4 thoughts on “Hair Emergency

  1. Most odd. I found using one of the more expensive shampoos a nightmare because it seemed to coat my hair with something that I couldn’t get out. I changed to Tresemme Deep Cleanse (I don’t use conditioner) and after only a few washes, that seemed to be working so I’ve stuck with it.
    Old remedies used to be vinegar, lemon juice or raw eggs, though you’ve got to be careful with the latter and hot water else they scramble. Any help available on the internet?

    1. I have used egg when I was younger, highschool age. I have never tried lemon juice or vinegar. I am thinking of trying apple cider vingar or maybe aloe vera which is very soothing for my skin in general. I have always found aloe vera one of the few safe products for my sensitive skin. It is so weird. I do not even know if this substance is from my scalp or from somewhere else. The water here has a tremendous amount of calcium in it, that damages all the fixtures so maybe it is calcium buildup? My hair is not limp or something like I had imagined oily hair, it is still very voluminous. I just can’t tell but it does seem to be sticky like sap is sticky and I didn’t think oil was sticky but I have never experienced anything like this so I am confused. I feel like something external is trapping my hair oil and that my hair produces patchy spots of oil because it is not the whole head that is a problem.

  2. I read this online “When you use hard water, it tends to leave behind minerals on your scalp that are hard to get rid of by shampooing. These can even weigh your hair down and cause it to eventually break”. My partner’s hair breaks easily so I do think the water is part of the problem.

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