I spent my days and nights


wondering what you felt.

if you felt


if you waited

for me,

as I waited for you.

I spent my days and nights


celestial bodies paint the sky

in a myriad of colors,


your nakedness

spreading over

my nakedness

and in the heat and height

of arousal,

I cried.

I spent my days and nights


for your lips to part,

eager to drink

of your sentiments,


that your words

would clarify my feelings.

I spent my days and nights


for you to choose,


my breath,

my arms reaching

out to you.

I spent my days and nights


with my heart

half-way in and half-way out,


to run towards you,


to run away.

I spent my days and nights


like a child

in the darkness,

pulling petals from flowers

while you stood

hesitant, but accessible

like the wind.


Love and Death

There are as many ways

to love a man

as there are to kill him.

Love and death are closer

than love and hate.

Love is about peeling away

the surface skin.

It’s about marrow and blood.

Love is a relentless series of resurrections,

the surrender of the solitary

for a borderless union.

Between us,

two sovereign states

collapse into one.

No one escapes untouched.

No one escapes without

leaving some trace

of what was

and what could have been.

If in time you find another

has taken my place

know that she has ate of my soul.

Know that she casts the same shadow.

Know that she smells of the very same trees.

Know that she is only the affected version of myself,

the one that wakes and sleeps

and cries too often.

Death might be the means

by which we live our lives,

the adrenaline rush,

the stone in the bottom of the shoe

that reminds us

of the weight of walking.

quick poem on the bus