I want you to write about what freedom means to you. Do you feel free to express your beliefs/life philosophy, creative genius, opinions, feelings, sexuality/gender identity, authenticity etc.? Was there ever a time when you did not speak out against injustice but should have? Was there ever a time when you felt that your personal freedoms were restricted in anyway? What if any limits do you think there should be concerning freedom of expression? What improvements would you like to see within your own community?


3 thoughts on “Surprise Prompt

  1. In today’s society, one cannot open one’s mouth without offending somebody, somewhere about something.
    Years ago I wouldn’t stand up for myself, and as such let people walk all over me. Now I am more likely to say something and then walk away.

  2. Just found this! Sorry, I don’t go out and about much these days. Freedom to me is the ability to go, unassisted, out into the world. Walking and public transit gives me that freedom. So does the internet (to a point) I will see if I can form more of a response back home.

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