1. That I bought the sweater as a thank you.
  2. That I would gladly talk to you any day, every day, about anything at all.
  3. That I dream about you almost every night.
  4. That I sleep with the sweater every night.
  5. That the first time I saw you was in a vision I had when I was a teenager.
  6. That if you asked me on a date I would say yes.
  7. That I’ve written you dozens of poems and letters but I haven’t sent you a single one.
  8. That I’m obsessed with you because obsession has such a bad connotation and really all I mean is that my feelings are consistent and passionate.
  9. That I masturbate thinking of your mouth, your thighs, your hands.
  10. That I am single.
  11. That I’ve bought loads of tarot cards in an effort to understand this situation better and that I love them all.
  12. That I talk to you every night before bed telepathically.
  13. That I am writing an erotic novel. Because I want to. Because you inspire me. Because I have no idea what to do with all these passionate feelings.
  14. That I want to get to know you in an every day sort of way.
  15. That above everything else I want to be myself.
  16. That I am happiest when I am dreaming of you.
  17. That the first time I ever saw your picture I felt that you were important and I still feel that way. I want to say let’s create something together.
  18. That I am trying to be a happier person in general.
  19. That I’ve been studying French ever since we met.
  20. That I can only be me.
  21. That I love you.
  22. That I really do want you to have a gorgeous day, every day.
  23. That I was perhaps both too eager and too subtle in my initial approach.
  24. That I overcame a lifelong phobia of riding a bike because I hoped in overcoming my fears I could live my life more fully because meeting you inspired me to live more fully.
  25. That you have a beautiful soul. You feel beautiful and I would love to connect with you on so many levels.

4 thoughts on “25 Things I Haven’t Said To You (out loud)

  1. My hope for you, that that you’ll start doing instead of continuing this list. Life is too short; and, you deserve the finest and fullest experiences.. Best wishes🙂

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