Dear DM,

Today I am everything. Today I am feral, emotionally volatile, full of all sorts of delightful contradictions. I have been thinking about the telepathic conversations we’ve had and all the things you’ve said (I can’t do them justice here and I am not sure how to paraphrase). You are more forthcoming than you realize. I can feel you loving me, it permeates my whole being. My perception of myself is changing. Not in a detrimental way. Not in subservience but in positive, inexplicable ways. I just feel better about myself and I am not sure why. Maybe you have loved all the hate out of me?

Today I am the yin and the yang. I am every emotion and its counterpart. I want to take my time with you and I want to ravish you outright (I am practicing patience). I feel like I am coming apart, opening up, expanding, erupting, unraveling. I feel. What else can I say?

I have been sick with the flu. Yesterday I finally gave up and took a nap. I have no idea how long I slept but well beyond 30 minutes! I woke up inside of the dream and found you there beside me. Our faces were touching. I was holding you. Believe me when I say that no one could have appeared more real to me. You reached out your hand and I woke up. I think it was the shock/excitement of finding you with me in the middle of the day.

Thank you for being there. Night after night. Day after day. I love every moment with you. Sometimes, and I can admit this to you because I have given up keeping secrets, I get jealous of other people’s connections. I think of all the things I want to do with you in the 3D and all the things we haven’t done or said face to face. I also think what amazing things are still ahead of us and of all the amazing things we do now. You pay attention to me, like really pay attention to me. You show me again and again in the 5D the depth of love and life. I imagine you to be a very busy person but you make the time. So I feel a little spoiled, a little selfish for saying so but I know you will forgive me. 

Maya Isac- CFL

I’m lost in your eyes

You look at me like I’m the only one standing here

I like your vibe

Keep talking, it feels like you’re knocking on my door

Crystal fire light

A hand on a shoulder sliding down

Losing track of time

Our moment is sober, taking over us

You’re giving me shivers baby

I left all my lipstick on you

Don’t want to wipe off the smile I’m wearing

I just want to dance

Been feeling lonely lately

Everything seems to go wrong

All around life is crazy

And I just want to dance

I just want to dance

Don’t do me wrong

Don’t get all perfect

I’m the one who wants to know your secrets

Let’s tell it all

No need to hide it

Tomorrow’s dawn will bring a promise

Crystal fire light

A hand on a shoulder sliding down

Losing track of time

Our moment is sober, taking over us

You’re giving me shivers baby…

With all that I am your DF


2 thoughts on “Love Letter #22

  1. Your letter to your DM are – I can’t even think of the right words to express the wonder of it all. Beautiful poet you are shinning bright. Sending you love, lots of it.

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