Dear DM,

Your smile reaches deep

between my thighs.

Eyes, soul-searching,

just shy of the nadir.

Your cool, indecent breath

against my skin.

Petal-soft and plump enough to eat

you pursue me like a gift.

The touch of your words

is inaudible and incendiary.

I fuck your face gently,

the tip of your tongue,

the secret language of lovers.

(it is all French to me)

An avalanche of milky stars,

of endearments tossed

into a covetous flame.

I am breaking beneath

the pressure of your hands

holding my knees apart.

The pearl between your teeth

my pulse strong, 

back-breaking, sacrilegious.

It’s not god’s name I’m calling.

Let’s take our time.

Let’s lose sight

of all the nothings between.

Let’s become a single entity.

There is no part of you

that I do not want to take

intimately and as my own.

There is no part of me

that I would not surrender

to you whole.

I want you to leave marks

so that when the sun comes

I will find within those

bruised constellations

a means of returning

to heaven through you.

With all the I am you DF


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