I wake to find you

inside of my head,

my thoughts pushed aside

like a curtain

and your essence

thick as cream

saturating my senses.

You have something to say,

something that can 

only be said in the off hours

when we are

too naked for cover.

I wake to find you

digging a crawl space

inside of my soul

and you are so lost

that I can’t tell

where my body begins.

I wake to find your voice 

inside of my head

“I’m gonna steal you.”

and how can you steal me

when we belong together?

I wake to find your heart

fluttering in the palm

of my hand and your fear,

palpable as blood,

spilling between

my trembling fingers.

You say you’re obsessed

and it scares you.

Should I take that as a sign

that you’ve reached your limit,

that you might not be able

to hold back next time 

I get overwhelmed?

You say you’re obsessed

but I am too.

I just want to drink

of your endless fire.

I just want to breakthrough

before my walls collapse.

I just want fall apart

in your arms

the way the universe

dies each time it is reborn.


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