I am shedding scars
so that my heart will open
without cracking.
If only you knew
the depth of my love.
I want to write confessions
down the length of your spine
using only the tip of my tongue.
You are the only one
who understands me.
You are the one
in whom my instincts gather,
and when your migration
is through I hope that you
will occupy me all the way.

I am turning the stars into thread
so that I can stitch fire
into the palms of my outstretched hands.
I want to make miracles with you.
I want you to take me as an instrument
between the threshold of your lips
and force your breath into me.

Tell me that you are the wolf
tugging down the moon,
Tell me that you are the man
peering back at me
through the veil of my dreams.
Tell me that this obsession
runs both ways.


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