Round 3

(as before there is some sexual content)

Dread extracted a staff from his palm. It was plain save for a curved talon at the end. The crowd exhaled a collective sigh of amazement. Dread wielded the weapon blunt end extended. His first armed attack proved to be the last attack of the fight. The attack itself was a quick blow to the windpipe. Sammael collapsed gasping for breath. The referee unlocked the cage and waved in a healer before turning his attention back to the cheering audience. “Will the winner’s prize step forward?” Dread had never received a live prize. There was a collective gasp.


“Your lover awaits…” Damian said, helping Naida to his feet. He had every intention of escorting the elf to the stage. Reluctantly he let the young man’s hand slide from his lap. “Are you pleased my dear?” He asked, Naida smiled. “I am.” Naida answered, turning his attention to Damien’s erection. “Will you accompany me in such an indecent state?” He asked teasingly. The elf extended a hand to his lover. Damien took it and led the way to the stage.


Naida was dressed in an ankle-length sarong with slits up to the hip. The garment was made of blue silk and whenever the elf moved it billowed gracefully around his bare legs like a curtain. His upper body was bare save for the gold bangles on his arms. His hair was done in a single braid that fell midway down his back. The braid was held in place by a gold band encrusted with jewels. His eyes and hair were both sapphire. His skin smooth, supple, and sun-kissed. He was without comparison and yet for all his beauty he was not overtly feminine. His graceful curves were accentuated with muscle and those muscles spoke of athleticism. 


Damien was dressed in a black suit, complete with tails and a waistcoat. He carried a decorative cane with a silver cobra head and an ebony shaft. He was more pretty than handsome with long wavy blond hair, a full sensuous mouth, and a flawless porcelain complexion. His eyes were the color of the sea at rest. He was 26 but could pass for younger. Naida’s age was indiscernible but there was something in his eyes and in his manner that suggested a degree of maturity beyond that of his companion. Together the couple turned the heads of everyone in the room. 


Upon entering the cage Naida released his lover’s elbow and walked up to Dread. The demon was nearly a foot taller and significantly broader. From a distance the other had appeared thin, almost gangly but up close and by comparison it was not Dread but himself that looked fragile. Naida pressed an elegant hand to the other’s bare chest, the male’s skin was so hot that it nearly branded him. The crowd erupted with wolf whistles and vulgar exclamations. Their comments were ignored by the two men in favor of assessment but not entirely by Damien who stood some feet away. As mentioned previously, Damien was not and never had been a jealous man but in that moment he recognized something between his lover and the fighter that gave him a moment’s hesitation. This feeling was soon discarded in favor of pride. The crowd was enthralled by Naida’s beauty and Naida belonged to him and him alone.


The pulse beneath Naida’s fingertips was steady and strong, precise like the ticking of a clock. Even with a singularly beautiful man touching him his heart did not stir one solitary beat. The fight had not been particularly easy despite Dread’s obvious and ultimately overwhelming strength. His opponent had been formidable and yet outwardly he showed no signs of exertion. He was neither mechanical nor divine. His eye color did not denote a rank sufficient for his imperviousness so what then was he? Naida tore his attention briefly from the stranger and returned to Damien’s side for a lingering kiss goodbye. “You are pleased then?” The blond asked, holding his lover by the hips. “Immeasurably.” The elf’s smile was more mischievous than reassuring but Damien let that slide. “Good. I trust you will tell me everything when you return home?” Naida pecked him on the cheek lightly and walked off the stage with Dread’s arm around his waist.

(I have written the story in its entirety. Going forward it will contain a lot of graphic sexual content. Which man would you like to follow first? Naida or Damien? I should tell you that I explored Dread’s demon aspect so it will get pretty intense/freaky/disturbing.)