Falling Forward

All that separates us
is consciousness.

You stand before me,
an intimate silhouette
behind an opaque wall.
I stretch out my hand.
You entice me.

My words are certain,
irrevocable, a promise.
I love you
followed by your name
first and last.
There are no coincidences.

I step through the veil.
The ground on the other side
hangs at a curious angle.
A step across
time and dimension.
A step measured
not in kilometers
but in fathoms.

I never feel
quite so loved
as when I am falling
into your arms.
The way
my breath catches
lets me know that
you are there.

Our souls are
laced and heart heavy
like a corset.
Our souls are
porous on contact.
Parts of you
overflow into me
and vice versa.

Sometimes I wake
to the sound of your heart
inside my chest
and I think
what have I done
to deserve you?