You make your presence known

and it doesn’t seem to matter

to my moon-struck mind

if we are in the same room or not.

There is sufficient space

behind my ribs

and if you would occupy me

I would occupy you.


Your loquacious eyes drown me

by the centimeter.

There is nothing you could say

that would mean as much to me

as the hunger of your attention.

Head cocked, I watch you

silently swallowing the air from my lungs

and you are so close

that I can taste your scent.

I am captivated by your mouth

going flush against my fingertips.

This is how we say hello.

Every time we meet

I find myself thinking

of all the ways we could

fit inside of each other.

Every time we meet

I want to drink you

by the milliliter.


I feel you whenever

I press my thighs together.

I feel you in the seismic echoes

of my sex as I surrender to myself

again and again on your behalf.

I feel you in every faltering breath,

in every start and stutter,

in the stars igniting and collapsing

underneath the cloak of my skin.

I feel you like a head on collision

and each day my awareness of you

drives me closer to addiction.

wasn’t planning on posting today but alas


11 thoughts on “Occupy Me

  1. I am happy you posted today. Your poetry is crystal clear of your love so dear.
    Thank you. ❤️

  2. I absolutely love the intensity. The whole poem is stunning, but if I have to pick one line that would be this – “Every time we meet I want to drink you by the milliliter.”

      1. No problem, it had me all in my feelings. I wish I could be more detailed in my post like this. You truly have a gift and a new fan.

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