Dismantle me with your prescient grin.
Say something that only I will understand,
something that connects us without as within.

I want to swallow your moans
while drowning myself on top of you,
to find in your insatiable appetite
a depth of self which is equally infinite.

I want to conceal you inside
of the most vulnerable parts of my body
to work you into a state of synesthesia
so profound that our souls overlap.

I am warm and generous,
fill me with your distress.
Let loose your torrents in me
and take of my consent
all that is in my power to give.


6 thoughts on “Consent

      1. No problem! Keep up the great work. I read this piece and I was like “wow, this is exactly how I want to express myself sometimes haha”.

      2. Thank you for the encouragement! I am glad to hear that my poem spoke to you. I always pour my heart and soul into my work even if I am not always able to translate/articulate my feelings. Writing is very much who I am so I will certainly continue 🌺

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