Word Art (5)

I find you again and again
filling up my dreams
the way that dandelions fill
the turns in a thersitical strip of concrete.
Pressed against me
in our own transient Eden,
naked on a molecular level
I find you flailing in and out
of being like moonlight on choppy water.

If I offered my heart
would you trade it for another?
Would you purchase it whole
or amend each part individually?
My love is not a rope meant to bind
but a muse meant to inspire.
I have a lot left to learn,
teach me and I will listen.

I am not half-hearted
still I have yet to nullify the distance
between fantasy and reality.
When I talk to you I get the impression
that you don’t remember
the taste of my mouth
or my skin turning to silk
beneath your fingers.
Then again I forget
much of what I dream as well.


15 thoughts on “Wordle #179

  1. I like the line “I have yet to nullify the distance between fantasy and reality “, it sounds like my dilemma too.
    Beautiful poetry. Thank you ❤️

      1. This connection has been the most profound experience of my life and deeply sensual. We only have seen each other once in 9 months but are connected energetically and sexually almost always especially at night and early morning. I started this blog just trying to make some sense of it and to know that I wasn’t just going crazy.

      2. It stared not as dreaming, I was wide awake and at work and my body went into orgasm and I became very wet. I knew my divine masculine was thinking of me and sure enough he sent a text in same second. This has continued during the day but mostly at night. It started about 2 weeks after we saw each other that one time, when he told me that higher powers brought us together.

      3. That sounds really intense! Has the bond gotten stronger in time? Are you able to give him experiences as well or do you receive (so to speak) and he gives?

      4. Yes very intense. Yes I give him experiences as well. He tells me that he “dreams “ of me visiting him at night and he can feel me and knows I’m there. He has the most intense orgasms like he is a teenager again. In the blog post, Cum to Me, I described how I give to him.
        The bond has gotten stronger and is very constant. It is also unbearable too because he fails to show up in my life. “Played by the Player “ tells of the last attempt at meeting again in person.

      5. Thanks for asking your question. @summerhilllane, this sounds so sensual and lucky! 🙂 Cherisssshhhh~ P.S. It doesn’t really take a lifetime to know a person, just to know more about them. So, I don’t find this odd at all. It is beautiful. Mwah!

      1. Thank you for reading my blog posts. I have had these “powers “ (didn’t know they were powers) since I was very young. I thought everyone could do this, and I still think everyone can do this, they just forgot. Read hovering about the earth too if you are interested. Much love to you ❤️

      2. Right back at you! Thank you for sharing your experiences =) At times my intuition has been uncanny so I do believe that such powers are in us all but I 2nd guess myself a lot!

  2. “If I offered my heart
    would you trade it for another?
    Would you purchase it whole
    or amend each part individually?”

    That’s so cute. Gonna ask my boyfriend that. It’s the true meaning of love after all. It’s so sweet, like chocolate. It’s engulfing me in its sweetness! *drowning gibberish*

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