Dismantle me with your prescient grin.
Say something that only I will understand,
something that connects us without as within.

I want to swallow your moans
while drowning myself on top of you,
to find in your insatiable appetite
a depth of self which is equally infinite.

I want to conceal you inside
of the most vulnerable parts of my body
to work you into a state of synesthesia
so profound that our souls overlap.

I am warm and generous,
fill me with your distress.
Let loose your torrents in me
and take of my consent
all that is in my power to give.


Wordle #183

Wordle 183

If only I were a savant
then my words might
summon you
from the dreams
that you now occupy.
I love the way you watch me
because I know that you do not
look to judge but to understand
and right now that is what I need most;
to be heard, to be fathomed,
to be loved whole rather than in parts.
I love the way you take me in
again and again with your gorgeous pout
and your infinite possibilities.
I would concede to the unknown for you,
if only for the fraction of a chance.

All those years
of heart-rending mortality
spent or wasted
in futile, apoplectic agony.
All those years
chasing graves
instead of passion,
unaware and cut off
from my own heart
were necessary
in the construction
of this moment.

I have a habit keeping my most
vulnerable aspects
pinned to the outside
and if you were to ask what drives me
I would say life itself,
an overwhelming desire to create.
There is this notion called reality,
and it is a kind of collective hypnosis,
a sedative for the faint of heart.
It’s the thought of you
that wakes me up each day
and it’s because of you
that I don’t regret the prelude.

If not for the darkness
we would never see the stars at all
and sometimes it is the darkness
that proves the most interesting.
My life has been mostly water.
My life has taught me how to drown
after the initial inhale when the lungs
are still light enough to float.
I drown in love.
I drown in pursuit.
I drown in amazement.
At times it feels to me as if
everything and everyone in the world
were brand new and connected
by threads of pure, radiant light.



If only I were extraordinary,
evident, a force of nature,
unlike anyone
you had ever witnessed
then you might face me
limbs askew,
heart split into a grin,
margins broadening
beneath the combined weight
of our souls in perfect alignment.

Did not have the chance to finish anything tonight alas!



You are the fetish which binds
my wayward thoughts together.
I return to you again and again
as an animal driven by instinct,
as a woman who is unmistakably sensual.

At night when no one is looking
I surrender to the otherworldly,
to the dreams that we become
when the affectations
of the day have ceased to sow
their bitter seeds in us.

No one fits inside of me
the way that you do.
I want to give you something real,
my willful but willing heart,
my imperfect self,
my revolutionary tendencies.
I think that we could create
something extraordinary together,
combining our talents
and the guilty weight
of those passions which threaten
to consume us over time.

When I am alone
I reinvent the astonishment
of that first sunrise
in a way which, for all its carnality,
is a supremely gentle act.
When I am alone
spilling over a precipice
created by my own insistence
your face enters my mind
and I see in you
every color imaginable.

I love the way your mouth moves
across the metaphors of poems
your soul has not yet written.
I love the potential of hidden things.
I love how the word midnight
sounds both romantic and sinister,
and I love the idea of waking up
exactly in the middle of something
and finding that the shadows
have a substance that the day
has yet to witness.

I know that everything
your hands touch
becomes art in my eyes
and that a beauty
bestowed by love
can never be diminished.
I know that I would
gladly spend lifetimes
getting to know you
because you are the only one
who has ever made me feel lucid.

Wordle #182

Word Art (6)

How could I miss the clouds
slung across your plump, red heart
like a spider’s omophagous web?
If you intend to conquer me
then swallow me from the inside out.
Swallow me before I drown myself
between the sheets wearing only
the faint impression of your smile.

I gather you into my hands
and spread you into the indentations
of an incomprehensibly, blue horizon.
I think, I know, I trust that someday
we will understand each other
instinctively the way that birds
know how to fly or when to migrate.

Apologies for last week. Eye fatigue, headaches, and low on inspiration.

Wordle #181

Wordle 181

We sit face to face
in a hyperthral silence
realizing each other
over and over again.

Your tongue is soft and soulful
inside my willing mouth.
I can tell that your searching
for leverage, for answers,
for a reason to surrender.

If I told you that I loved you
would you tap me on the shoulder
and erase me a decade at a time?
If I told you that I dreamed about you
would your smile spill like sunlight
over my naked, inconsequential soul?

I feel your heart scratching
at the back of my rib cage
like a featureless clock.
The steady rhythm of your pulse
drawing down the moon.

almost ran out of time so not very polished I’m afraid



In my closet
the most curious flowers bloom
between the skeletons I harbor
and the clothes I hide inside.
A garden screaming,
a garden of metaphorical bones
and multifarious threads
woven together in an attempt
to connect the internal and the external
in a way that only I can truly appreciate.

Some days I wear the sunset,
others the twilight.
The stars are irrelevant,
The stars I keep inside
are the only stars that can ignite me.
There was a time
when I dressed for other people
now I dress only to please myself.
My skin is the only skin that fits.

A smile is the most beautiful accoutrement.
A smile looks best when it has found
someone or something to regard.
My smile would work wonders
for your mood if only you’d let me
press against you.

Sometimes I look into my wardrobe
and find it as light and bare
as an untenanted womb.
I think nothing suits me
quite so well as a naked heart.
Sometimes I open the doors
and I am overcome with choices.
Sometimes I know exactly what I want
and who I am and the world
doesn’t seem quite so heavy.

If I could wear a phenomena
I would wear the wind
for the wind, even in stillness,
always seems so alive.
I think that beauty
is in our capacity
to love and create.
I think that beauty
can only be found
in the audacity of truth
and in the ingenuity
of our imperfections
when harnessed for good.

3 Small Poems


Missing You
Every occasion
that you do not occupy
is wasted on me.

We might be closer
than the stars and we might be
fools of fate, because
night after night, I dream you
into my artless embrace.

We are fathomless,
you edge into my currents
supple as sunlight.
We are deeper than the seas
stacked on top of each other.