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Every night I wait for you,

silent, cocooned

wearing nothing

but my over-sized heart.

When I am lying

there silent as a bell

in the crevices between hours

I think of the shapes

your lips would make

when slotted against my own.


Anticipation has turned

my skeleton to powder

and my tears to salt.

I subsist on feelings.

I subsist on air

both savage and divine.


Your fire is not misplaced in me.

Your fire is the catalyst

for all my instincts,

Make me your conduit,

summon me like a spirit

into the diaphanous pages

of your unrequited dreams.

My love is a revolution.


6 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming

  1. “My love is a revolution”. Brilliant. This is how I feel about my divine masculine, too bad he doesn’t notice or is asleep. Love you and thank you.

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