I am still feeling under the weather so I am sharing my instagram post for the day! Hopefully I will get out a poem tomorrow! I was thinking of this while I was out for a walk today about how much time we spend trying to convince other people to love/like/accept/forgive us. Of how much effort we put into trying to impress others or sell ourselves to others and how devastated we are when they don’t recognize our value. Even when they do recognize it their praise never makes it past our inner self critic as it was intended. So much of what we are, so much of our inner beauty, and our true strengths gets covered up by the masks we wear to “seduce” others into wanting us.


4 thoughts on “Worth

  1. We are our own worst critics at times. I wonder if it is the people who believe in themselves that provide strength for themselves and others.
    When we are brought up with descriptors like; You’re Cute, Average suites you, or worse things like ‘You’ll never amount to much’ – it can take a very strong person who believes in themselves to help those who falter. Lets continue to pick ourselves up and believe that we don’t have to be anyone else except the most excellent people that we are!

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