Quick word from me. Not feeling too great. I have eczema (I think) and it is spreading fast. I think that my kitten might be the cause :-(. I recall I had a significant problem with eczema (or some form of rash) in high school and I had a cat then too but I never linked it or looked into it. I am not even sure I have eczema but I am covered in a itchy blotchy reddish rash. In general since we got Bell my health has gotten significantly worse but I hate to think it is her because I love her so much. Maybe it is just the cold dry weather but I have been in Sweden for 10 years and this is the worst outbreak by far.


Any tips for people suffering with this condition?


13 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. We used to have a rabbit. My skin got PROGRESSIVELY worse. When I went to hospital to test, they said the rabbit had to go.
    Of course the rabbit couldn’t leave. The family (including me) loved him too much. We kept him outside and I stayed a little away from him. Helped a little but not a lot. I did 2 things which helped me enormously.
    Take 8 evening primrose oil and star flower oil capsules.
    Give up dairy.
    Creams are good but they don’t take care of your gut – the root of your problem.
    The oil capsules are for essential fatty acids your body needs.
    Dairy is the culprit that messes with your immune system.
    In the case of dairy, even a drop in the bloodstream can poison your system.So EVERYTHING has to be checked before consumption.
    I have not had eczema or skin rash for 16 years.
    Please don’t have antihistamines, they weaken your immune system.
    Good luck!

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