Wordle #161

Wordle 162.png

My thighs slide together
same as any other womans
when she has found someone
worthy of drowning inside.

I keep finding myself strewn across your hips
with your heat pressed right up against my threshold.

When you left this morning
you were notably hostile.
A million questions
spilled through my mind
that I could not answer
and did not dare to ask.

I cocinnate a vase of silk flowers
and place them on the long table by the front door.
The watery colors just catch the eye
and they look to me like something lifted
from the pages of a fairy-tale.

I hope that in seeing them
you’ll remember our bodies spread out
underneath the constellations
and the sound of my heart
up against your ear like a seashell.

I never know quite what to expect
when you come home
but this constant state of peripeteia
has left fissures in my heart
deep enough to run my fingers through.

Dressed only in shadows,
I can still feel your echo inside of me,
your climax thicker than blood
and more vital than water
trickling out slow and sinful
from between my boneless legs.