You are you.jpg

I can conjure a suicide from anything

even the air can serve as a noose

if you have the time and patience

and I have both.

There is no one more capable

of my execution than I am

in that way, death is a bit like masturbation.

I know what I want and what I fear

and how to combine the two 

for the greatest effect.


Of all the ways there are to die

I prefer poetry, it is defiant,

it is an incubus pressed to the chest,

it is the moment

when nightmare and epiphany

collapse side by side

in an awkward but torrid embrace.


We always speak 

of the things we love

with such violence

because nothing ignites a heart

quite like its own destruction.

We fight the hardest

when we have the most to lose.

Genius is an open wound,

a soul gutted, deboned, and dredged

face down through the stars.