I embellish myself with your skin,

if not for you I would be naked,

because of you my heart requires

barricade and armament.

You have made me a soldier,

you have made me a scrimmage.


I dress myself in your clothes,

a virgin thirty times over.

I am accustomed to sacrifice,

to the diminution of my beliefs.

The tears in my eyelashes do not hold

they collapse over my cheeks and hands.

I am too old to start from the preface.


You say that I am hysterical

whenever I speak my mind.

You say that I am preposterous

whether or not we disagree.

Does being perfect compensate

for the privation of your soul?


There is arsenic in your kiss

and malice in your tempered grin.

Intention can be either palliative or poison.

You fashion armies of my former allies

and all who would attend me now

have only euthanization in mind.


I consider every covenant

that we ever professed

even those said in jest.

The tapestry of us is moth-eaten

despite prodigious care.

That’s on me,

I paid above your worth.


I trace each laceration patiently

as though defect held 

an incantation that when whispered

would resolve all distinction

between my life and your departure.

I really did love you, you know.


I think I’ll take the shears

and cut strips for my diary.

The faded prints will look beautiful

pressed inside your sly love letters.

This is an old poem as well but I have added a lot to it. I actually wrote this one originally when I was in the process of writing/editing my first book (I always felt it was unformed/unfinished).

I recently submitted 2 poems for publication in

Ephemeral Elegies

They are currently open for submissions. They are seeking confessional poetry similar in style to Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. Stop by and check it out!

My submissions
Walk Away (to be published on 1/2)
Decomposing Heart (to be published on 1/28)