The Sunday Whirl “Wordle 435”

Wordle 435.png

My veneer curls at the edges,
hands pressed against my chest.
I hope that my heart doesn’t get out
she is too needy, she is too wild.
I hardly recognize myself
in the glow of your smile.

I promised myself
I wouldn’t blush,
in front of you again
but here I stand
shining like a beacon.

Your arms are open
and there is a twinkle in your eyes
that could reorient the heavens.
We speak with our eyes closed,
lips intractable, tongues touching.

I hope that we’ll never keep score.
Resentment is a thirsty mistress.
I have seen her turn good men into stone,
I have seen her turn women acerbic like smoke.
Whoever told you that life should be fair
forgot the prejudice of greed.

Your knee brushes mine
and I know that you mean to depart
while there is still heat between us.
I wish I could be more cheerful,
watching you fade in and out of view.
I blow another kiss to ease my mind.