Here are some pictures of little Bell whom we brought home on Saturday. It is hard to take photos of a kitten! Firstly their eyes are very reflective. Secondly they are often running around or else sleepy and I wanted her eyes opened for the pictures.

Bell is a very affectionate, loving little creature. She loves to cuddle and play. The first day she called a lot for her mommy and siblings but that has subsided into normal everyday types of meows. She used her litter box from the onset thankfully! So far she only kept us up one night but since she sleeps at night or is at least well-behaved. I get up to go to the toilet almost every morning super early and this morning she did run over to me but accepted it when I went back to bed and wouldn’t play, give her breakfast just then. She has not bothered me any time I have closed a door basically and I hope that will continue and is not something weird like object permanence issues that she will our grow lol She is having a hard time with scratching pads/posts she wants to use other furniture instead. I have rubbed in some catnip to the desired areas and every time I catch her scratching or thinking about scratching in the wrong place I move her to the right place. I have covered a few especially tempting areas to discourage her and Sam has trimmed her claws so we will see. I cannot believe she accepted having her claws trimmed so well! As long as she is relaxed we have been able to wash her face, trim her nails, and brush her without issues. Obviously when she is playful there is no use trying. She is also very good about being carried. So generally speaking she has been a surprisingly accepting cat. She is, however, causing my hormones to go out of whack. I can’t be near babies for any length of time without getting a spike in hormones. I thought since the hysterectomy that might be better (I do have ovaries) but alas I am back to running a slight fever and feeling as I did when I took hormones. Hopefully that will settle down.

Anyone who has had or currently has kittens that knows of fun games to play with them please share.

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  1. She’s beautiful! Looks a lot like my cat did when he was a kitten – you wouldn’t believe it was the same cat now! He’s still beautiful though 😀

  2. she’s really sweet looking —-
    just a thought, – make sure you don’t have anything like curtain tie backs or some such, and make sure your electrical cords are well tucked and hidden, as much as possible – so inquiring paws and teeth don’t get too busy ….

    cats are pretty easy going and Bell sounds like she’s adjusting well to her new home as are you to having her 🙂

    cat games? LOL — a long long piece of string, like a boot-lace or several smaller ones tightly tied together — then you stand and drag it and the cat will play chase! Sharpens their minds and hunting skills (even if she’s going to be an inside cat) – — just remember to put it away or keep it safely out of harm’s way (her’s) because she’s still so small. Heck, you can try crumpling up a piece of paper into a semi-ball bunch thing – and just tossing it around, batting at it – she’ll probably love that – and oh, ping pong balls. Yup, most 4 leggeds love playing with ping pong balls – and they’re pretty safe for the house, since they’re so lightweight.

    enjoy the lovely Bell 😀 and let the games begin! 😉

    • We don’t have curtains. Many times my mother-in-law has given me catalogs for buying curtains lol I finally made some out of scarfs but there are no tiebacks. She is pretty good generally except for my husband’s chair. We are really having a hard time keeping her away from that and are going to have to get creative about it. She does love ping pong balls and other light weight balls. She likes her tunnel as well and a couple of assorted things but she seems to require a lot of stimulation in the morning for several hours. So the mornings have been challenging.

      • like a child – after a long night’s sleep, it’s “play time” – LOL — it’ll sort itself out, as she gets older, ….
        as for hubby’s chair? must be a scent that is drawing her there – it also depends on who she first “bonded with.” A “harmless” way of deterring unwanted behaviour is a spray bottle, loaded with water – a few well-aimed squirts and a firm “no” usually puts them off “bad” behaviour – although some kittens and cats don’t mind it at all. LOL – so you could try it and see.

      • After she eats she is always recharged. Funny how as an adult we just get sleepy after a meal lol Well his chair is very fun. First the sofa and chairs have a really nice texture and I get why she would like it and second the chair has a hollow space that she can fit inside and she loves a good tunnel for play so I think that is the appeal. She is not hiding or sleeping in the chair so much as playing with it like it is a giant toy. As for just sleeping and being she wants my specific spot on the sofa. If I am sitting in it she fits herself in beside me in the weirdest ways and when I stand up she just uncoils and spreads out onto my spot.

  3. I’ve had cats since kittens a long time ago. Sounds to me as if you are doing all the right things letting love flow. That is the most important of all 🙂 Best to you, yours and little lovely Bell 🙂

      • Cats purrs and healing… “So, theoretically, a cat’s purr can help healing. But it’s not just about healing bones, the healing power of cats can work in a number of magical ways: Lowering stress — petting a purring cat can calm you. A cat’s purr can decrease the symptoms of dyspnoea (difficulty in breathing) in both cats and humans.

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