Kittens, Unemployment, Sleep Apnea ETC.


The breeder sent Sam this photo today of the kitten =) She is a beauty/cutie. I hope that all goes well with the adoption process and that she gets a clean bill of health at her exam. Lately life has sucked (warning whining ahead). I could use a bit of happiness. I don’t feel like going into elaborate details on the specific reasons my life is currently so stressful and unpleasant so here is a summary of events.

I had 2 jobs, one of those jobs was only 1 day a week so I decided to leave and switch to just having one job (having 2 jobs is complicated and it means double or even triple the amount of bureaucracy). Well I was fired shortly after my boss encouraged me to make the transition (it had nothing to do with my work performance as only days before I was given a glowing evaluation), along with another solid employee. I don’t want to go into details but it was a wrongful/unethical termination. I simply did/do not feel like pursuing legal action due to mental health reasons. On top of that the insurance company is refusing to pay my unemployment due to a minor technicality. I worked the requisite amount of hours to receive compensation but I worked 4 1/2 days a week instead of 5 days a week due to therapy (a therapy I require, ironically, so that I can work). I have spent weeks agonizing and filling out all the paperwork which I had to do repeatedly because they kept “misplacing it”. They actually reached their verdict without the aid of my paperwork which, in itself, is questionable. I have found them polite but painfully incompetent and robotic. So now I have to look for a new job in the summer which is the most difficult time in Sweden. Due to social anxiety I am literally sick at the thought of the undertaking and doubt I will be able to find a placement within an hour of my home. Did I mention my caseworker at the Unemployment Agency left and lost all my paperwork/disability info so I have to start from scratch? Because that happened also.


I have also had to make repeated trips to the doctor. My allergies have caused my eardrums to get sucked into my inner ear which has caused hearing loss and vertigo. I seem to have developed sleep apnea which I will get tested for in a few days (it could also be my allergies preventing me from breathing but that has yet to be determined). I am having a lot of problems with heartburn which is strange because before now I literally hadn’t had a single instance of heartburn in years. I can actually count all the times I have ever had heartburn in my adult life so I don’t really know why I am having a problem with it all of a sudden. I suppose it could just be stress-related.  Today I spent 2 hours traveling just for a 5 minute doctor’s appointment because there are no gynecologists in my area (at least none that work with problem cases)!


The only thing that has really brought me joy lately is planning for the kitten and setting up her room. Of course it is also a source of worry because who doesn’t worry about babies? And as a purebred cat she could have certain health issues. We ended up with the letter B which means we had to pick a B name for her and B is a really tough letter for names. She is officially Bell for simplicity but Sam wants to call her Blip.

18 responses to “Kittens, Unemployment, Sleep Apnea ETC.

  1. I love Bell! And I’m so sorry things have been so stressful and crappy for you lately. Praying over you for renewed strength and for the opportunities to present themselves!

  2. What a cutie beauty. She’s beautiful!
    Sorry to hear about your set backs and frustrations.
    I have a plaque that my neighbour gave me which says “I don’t need therapy, I have a dog.” Maybe there’s one that says the same, but for having a cat.

  3. …. just sending you hugs Yves …

    *sigh* …. it does seem to “pour” in moments, just when you least expect it, or need this kind of nuts/garbage – and to be sure, you have to wonder about bureaucracy and the “robotics” on the other end of the “line” …..

    I hope you’re feeling much better soon – and it does seem like Bell is an absolute cutie!

    • Luck is like that I usually get lots of bad luck all at once and then later lots of good luck. I just have to survive this wave lol I can’t wait till we can take her home! I have a feeling I will spoil her ,-)

  4. So many lemons… make lemonade. I know the bureaucracy of medical issues having had to deal with them for my children. I refuse to have an online portal medical account. And that leaves the Drs. scratching their heads and other body parts.

    So the US really isn’t that much better, I suppose depending on where you live. Could you possibly work from home? I know those types of jobs are limited but I did know a medical transcriptionist that found that job practical for her.

    B, is that really so hard to come up with a name? Bonita, Belinda, Bonnie… does it have to be in specific boundaries. I recently read a book about purebred dogs who have four and five names for pedigree reasons, but are never really called by any of them and have cute nicknames. Good Luck.

    • Having my online account is the only way I get answers. The doctors say very little in person about your condition or why they are treating you in a certain way but online I can read their medical notes and it is through them that I can make sense of anything. Often times they will send a note saying lab results are normal without the levels even when they are in fact elevated. They have to be quite elevated for the note to reflect that but online it is noted appropriately. They don’t like to worry patients so they treat them like children and conceal a good deal. They didn’t even tell me I technically had cancer. We decided on Bell. She only has 2 names and the other she came with as it is the breeder name.

  5. Dang… I replied but some how it didn’t take…

    Anyway I hope to not need Electronic records for awhile –
    And good luck with Bell! 🙂

    • Thanks Jules it seems whenever I type a longer more thoughtful response it gets eaten but when I misspell words or type incorrectly it always makes it through!

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