Sick Hamster

Our little hamster Stella is very sick. The vet believes she has pyometra. She is too old to receive an operation/coupled with having recently had a nasty cold (though with hamsters because they are so small the operation is risky in the best circumstances). We have been given antibiotics which she has taken a total of 3 times so far. Twice at home and once with the vet. She takes the medicine willingly from my husband but ever since the vet she has barely eaten. Stella never skips out on food even when sick so I know that she is feeling very poorly. Also she does not seem to be pooping. She uses her sandbox to do her business and she is still using it to pee but no poops. At the vets she was bright eyed and moving around well and seemed strong enough to attempt some treatment which is why we decided to try but she does not seem to be responding to meds or getting stronger. She is bleeding too from her vent. I have cried so much.