I rarely wear jewelry but as some of it was given to me some pieces had sentimental value. Anyone who has children knows that sometimes they make jewelry for you. I haven’t saved everything Isadora has ever made me and what I did save went into the sentimental category well not entirely.IMG_20190219_161138264

I use the door knobs to my storage space. The white elephant necklace Isadora gave me for my birthday. She bought it with her own allowance because she knows I love elephants.IMG_20190208_141939837

Bangles they all came in the same pack. I don’t have very expensive jewelry as you shall see.


Some bracelets I own the wooden one actually Isadora and I made a matching pair so it is sentimental. She was probably 3 at the time. The red one was actually free lol


2 large necklaces. The tape is one the wall because we let Stella (hamster) run around on the floor sometimes and there was a small hole there. We so need to replace the wallpaper in our bedroom.


Earrings, rings, some smaller necklaces, some of Sam’s labret piercings and an accidental look in my bed side table.IMG_20190208_141843153

I got rid of the flower one. The weird one I got from a 2nd hand shop for super duper cheap like maybe 1 dollar it was missing one of the stones. I wore it so much the other stone fell out. Well Sam went online and bought me a stone to replace the one originally missing and glued the one that fell out back in!IMG_20190208_141900854.jpg

Sam’s sister bought me this one, which I love. It is usually in the box it came in but you can’t see inside that box.IMG_20190208_141915953.jpg

Bracelets on a weird little vase I bought from the 2nd hand shop. I need to buy jewelry cleaner.IMG_20190208_141934898.jpg

The orange beads Sam’s other sister made for me by hand. Love it! And then just a cute little bracelet I bought on vacation.