Sam is actually quite reasonable and organized in this respect and he doesn’t really use a lot of products. I organized his shaving stuff into a larger partitioned box but that was about it  He doesn’t really use a lot of products. Isadora does not wear makeup yet save for nail polish and I guess lip gloss. She did have tons and tons of ponytail holders and clips from years past that no longer fit in her hair. So we went through all of that. One habit she has, of which I am also guilty, is that before one product is empty she begins on the next and so never finishes anything really. I have sensitive skin and so some of the products I’ve bought over years have caused rashes and the like but still I kept them thinking maybe if I ration them it won’t be so bad! When I first moved to Sweden many of my favorite, go to products were simply not available so I had to start over. Even had I had access to my favorite products I am sure the weather would have lessened their effectiveness. The dry cold is terrible for skin and hair! My hair texture/type is nothing like that of most Swedes. To make a long story short it took me ages to find products I liked.

What I don’t have anyways

A hairdryer, curlers, anything save for a straightener

Nail polish, nail file, emery board


Any type of cellulite cream



I have 2 ponytail holders I use. I only use this one specific kind because it has no metal bands, is soft, and can hold my hair which is pretty big.

It is probably easier to list products I use rather than those I don’t lol Anyhow this was not a hard category for me. But it does have loads of pictures!


This is our extra box yes it is in the sauna that we don’t use lol


Sam’s shaving box

Isadora’s  bathroom closet. Sam and I got one small glass shelf for storage in our bathroom not even a cabinet under the sink, she got the better deal. Medical supplies are in the clear box, the red box is band-aids. Isadora’s ponytail holders are in the three-tiered box, her extras are in the clear box at the top, her nail polishes are in the lilac box, hair bands in the pink box in the way back, clips in the small pink box.

Under her sink. The shaving box is mine because she has the bathtub. She has some bath bombs, some toys, a hair straightener, some orbies which I forgot to throw away because of a serious mess she made but that is another story!


Her bathtub stuff. Yes it is blue!



Her sink space


My sink, the smurf and the sunflower bathroom 😛