Paper 2!

More boring stuff the paper category is just the worst man!



I used to collect postcards and had a pretty sizable amount but years ago I pruned it and I have had no desire to purchase new ones. I have told myself I would make an art project with them as I used to do but that has not happened either. If I am being perfectly honest I never send cards. I sometimes buy a card, I sometimes fill it out, but I never send it. I also don’t write letters. I have written letters but once every 5 years at most probably does not constitute a habit. Isadora does occasionally send cards/write letters so I am going to offer her free reign to use whatever she likes. So at the moment this is what we have. What we need is probably just a few envelopes and stamps lol I threw away one card just.




I confess that notebooks are an area for which I am the most cluttered member of the household. I start writing on any old page, anything from grocery lists, to poems, to game codes, to appointment times in handwriting so atrocious no human could ever hope to read it. I even, I am ashamed to admit, write in other people’s notebooks on accident! My husband’s notebooks, aside from adorable doodles, have immaculate diagrams and math equations. His notebooks look like they were written by Davinci, mine look like an insane grade schooler wrote them. The ones in the red drawer are blank. Yes I used magazine holders for everything and you know what it works great for the notebooks on the coffee table. We used to have to dig around under the table to find a notebook. I can’t figure out if you are meant to use one notebook or designate notebooks for specific topics. I am hopeless with notebooks. Sam also has work notebooks not shown here. He uses notebooks extensively. What is your clutter area?


I have a few journals left I got rid of a vast majority of them because they were illegible gibberish with tons of miscellaneous crap in them. Even the few I saved, which are in my closet, will probably not be read because I am guessing I probably can’t read more than a handful of pages. Since they are all filled out there really isn’t any refreshing them. I loved the journals themselves when I bought them and I always started out very carefully writing in them but when I get into what I am writing my hands just aren’t nimble or fast enough to keep up with my monkey mind.


I am thinking I will do these posts once a week or every other week because they take a long time to make. Just think of the komono category!