My Reasons For Trying The Kondo Method/The Life I Want

So Marie advises in her book to explore the reasons for undertaking the Konmari method, what you want your life to be like, and how you want to experience your home. Past me would have settled with I want my house to be tidy and cleaning to be less of a chore. I rarely question the force that drives me or the intentions behind each and every act. So naturally I struggled with this and admittedly it is still an ongoing source of introspection.


First I will start simply with my desires for a typical work week


I want to wake feeling that I have slept deeply and comfortably. I want to feel focused, refreshed, energized, and ready to begin the day.

During my yoga practice I want to be present in mind, body, and spirit. I want to start a dialogue with myself as a whole that will lead to better decision making and more authentic self expression.

During meals I want to eat consciously and unhurriedly at the table. I want to enjoy each bite and to stop eating when I am satisfied. I want to recognize my bodies’ signals of hunger and satiation. I want to eat more nutritious, home cooked meals.

At the bus stop I want to feel relaxed and know that however late the bus might be that I will be able to figure it out and to remember that it is rarely late enough to impact my actual day.

On the bus I wish to use the time writing, reading, or meditating

At work I want to be efficient, productive, and adaptable. Whenever complications arise I want to recall that I have survived countless stressful situations before and to trust in my support system. If a particular job doesn’t work out I want to know that I did my best and that I was patient and endeavored to learn as much as possible from the experience.

I want to use my various walks outdoors to take in and connect with the beauty of nature and to remember to breathe

I want to challenge myself in my workouts, to have fun, and to respect and listen to my body

I want cleaning to be efficient and even peaceful. I want it to be a small portion of the day that occurs organically. When cleaning with my daughter I want to teach her skills that will increase her independence and from her I wish to learn more about  teamwork.

I want to communicate in a loving tone and avoid raising my voice.

I want to express my gratitude in both word and deed.

I want to ask with interest about my family’s day, listen to their struggles and triumphs and enjoy a proper, unhurried conversation

I want to enjoy cooking and to use it as a vehicle to practice mindfulness. When Isadora asks to help I want to avoid the knee jerk freak out and teach her when feasible.  I want to make an extra portion for my lunches when possible to avoid eating frozen meals all the time

I want to take it less personally when dinner does not turn out and to learn from it rather than be discouraged.

I want to play more family games and to have movie nights on occasion

With Sam I want to really talk, to laugh (we do), to try new activities together, and to have sex which is fun and uninhibited.

I want to feel good in my skin and yes even pretty!

I want to regard the time after dinner as just as important as the time before and to not be afraid of using or altering it

I want to relax before bed so I can go to sleep without the troubles of the day nagging me. Relaxation might include meditation, listening to soothing music/sounds or talks by Alan Watts, watching the night sky or beautiful images of nature

Before falling asleep I want to send out positive wishes to the world and recall something or someone for which I am grateful



I want to communicate openly with my therapist and learn to forgive myself and to trust myself again

I want to be more curious about myself, people, life itself

I want to enjoy long walks on the weekends with myself, my family together and/ or individually

I want to enjoy more spontaneous trips and recreations on the weekends

I want to travel more

I want to be sure to exercise my brain a little each week with studies

I want to create more and to write the stories down that are in my head

I want to work passionately on whatever project I start

I want to find some semblance of balance in my obsessive/tumultuous soul while still honoring and experiencing my various emotional states

When I write to someone I’d like to do so with more attentiveness and to write a little more beautifully though not ostentatiously

When I speak to someone I want to give them my attention and respect and to be more patient with other people

I want to be more resilient and adaptive to change


My house

I want my house to be tidy and organized!

I want all members of the household to be capable of finding/returning their belongings without my assistance

I want my belongings to have a home and work in harmony with me

I want household items to be easily accessible

I don’t want everything I love to stay in storage indefinitely

I don’t want so much clutter and so much stuff that the space/flow, which is equally precious to creation, becomes obstructed

I would like my home to feel safe, peaceful, and inviting

I would like an environment that encourages creativity and where as much as possible of the furniture and decor has been made by members of the family

I want a home full of laughter

I don’t want to do the panic clean before guests arrive because I am secure and proud of my home at all times

I don’t want to clean so fanatically and obsessively that I forget to actually enjoy having a home in the first place!

I want to respect my house as if had a soul

I want to be able to unwind in my own home, to express and be my authentic self, and I want that for every member of my household

I want my home to represent the people who live in it

I want my home to have a touch of magic