Week 6 Day 5

My work out in addition of course to walk and yoga

We’ve been very busy designing my yoga room. We have ordered floors, wallpaper, we know which light, Sam has a unit he wants to build for storage of awkward objects, and we have ordered the scarfs for a handmade window dressing which I am excited about. If it doesn’t work out I am going to have a ton of gorgeous scarfs! We also ordered blinds for the living room so we can move the old ones down to the hobby room where the guest bed is so my mom will have privacy. During the summer it is bright all the time and it is very easy to look into that room from the road! I am worried because the blinds were so expensive. They are gorgeous but we are ordering them online and you just never know. So I really, really hope they are high quality.

4 responses to “Week 6 Day 5

  1. We are looking into getting someone else to do some painting we do not want to do. Might still be months out. But some services we are willing to pay for. Good luck with rearranging your rooms.

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