Week 6 Day 4

I tried my first non Pilates leg workout. I made some adaptations to the routine. First I wore a 6 kg vest that way the weight was evenly distributed and my hands were totally free if I lost my balance. I kept the depth of my squats and lunges fairly shallow and the width narrow to protect my pelvic floor. My step ups were not as high as I would typically do them either. I did the easiest version of the pistol squats and instead of the Clean and Press I held chair pose.

In this mornings yoga session I was able to add pyramid pose and reclined hero (with bolster I have never been able to do the full pose).

As a family we went on a short nostalgic walk and afterwards I went with Isadora to the mall to buy pants.

I am hoping to get in another small walk outdoors so I don’t have to pace indoors with hubbles because we need to pick up a package for the local grocery store.

TMI category (read at your own risk)

We attempted penetration this morning. We succeeded mostly, we didn’t attempt to fit the whole length but even so it seemed a good deal went in. I was really worried because the vagina ordinarily lengthens in arousal and I wasn’t sure if it still would. If it didn’t I’d be left with a very short canal but luckily it all seems to function normally. Forgive my ignorance but maybe other people have such questions. I don’t yet know if it will all fit but I can say prior that my husband’s size was the max of what I could accommodate so even a small shortening would result in exactly that much that can’t fit. I was a little sore/sensitive but it wasn’t painful. At this time though it is too soon for vigorous sex or deep penetration. I am not numb. I don’t know about orgasms through G-spot stimulation yet because this was just a test. Clitoral orgasms have worked every time I have tried though. Hubby reports that everything feels the same but I don’t know if that will be different with deep penetration because I don’t have a cervix. Keep in mind though I almost did not have one before and had my first LEEP at 20 so for most of our life together I have not had a normal cervix. Could be that in my cases the differences seem less than they might ordinarily.


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