Week 6 Day 3

Last night was rough not because of my surgery but because of a flu I have been trying desperately to avoid. Sneezing, coughing, nose blowing all night. I had my cleaning job this morning and I very nearly called in sick but given just how much time I have missed and the proximity to the holidays I thought it would seem too suspicious. Since last night things have died down (not vanished but lessened) and I am really really hoping that I am on the up. I have noticed after this particular job I am more swollen not surprising since I am on my feet and working hard for the duration. After work I had a 30 minute walk with hubby. I also did yoga and 8 minute abs which went by super fast! I tried a side plank without mods but did not hold it for very long, still I managed and I will build up from there. I still have a fair bit of walking around the house as my cleaning job accounts for very few steps (the sort of meandering walking you do while cleaning does not register well) and Sam drove me to and from work.


For X-mas I received

Fleece pjs from Sam

Chai Tea

A fan for my laptop which has not arrived yet (can’t seem to write unless it is my own computer)

And he has ordered flooring and wallpaper to renovate my yoga room


From my secret Santa (mother-in-law)

I received some beauty products

Some cute elephant mugs


We had a traditional Swedish X-mas dinner with Sam’s fam on the 24th (no dogs)

And had our X-mas on the 25th with a Skype to my mom. We had a X-mas dinner of our own on the 26th (Sam had a migraine on the 24th and 25th)

Hamster aka Stella got loads of gifts from everyone

Izzy got art supplies, a pen for her tablet, fleece pjs, Zelda stuff, cotton pjs, socks, a Pokemon game for her Switch, wireless mouse and headphones

Sam got a beard trimmer, a monitor which he needs for working at home because his died (bad luck with computers at the moment), a nice hoodie, and a Viking bead for his beard


How were your holidays?


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