Week 6 Day 1

Happy Holidays! I can hardly believe I have made it 6 weeks already!

Yesterday I did get my 10, 000 steps.

Remember the flu that Isadora had? Well Sam and I both seem to be getting sick. I am not sure yet if I will manage to fend it off but I have been sneezing hysterically all day. Together Sam and I took a 53 minute walk and as I am at 9,000 steps now I still feel I will be able to get my 10, 000. Aside from the walk I did yoga with some ab work mixed in. I should mention walking is relaxing to me and getting some natural light in the dark winter helps my mood a lot.

Ordinarily (aka before the surgery) I did cardio on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I would like to pick up that tradition though for the time cardio just means walking. I can officially swim but as access to a pool is very limited it can’t be a regular thing (I plan to try it at least once in the near future though). I didn’t do it today but I will probably add a 8 minute session of ab, back, and pelvic floor work to my cardio days as I will only be walking probably for 8 weeks. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I will be adding in a Pilates/light weight-lifting session which will build so that hopefully I will be back to my normal weight in a few weeks. I will remain pelvic floor conscious obviously since internal healing takes longer. Then Sunday is my rest day so it will yoga and walk. I have tried weights some, light ones and haven’t had any issues. Usually my cardio has ab work built in and I put back work in my yoga so they don’t have special days but since I need to rehabilitate it is just easier.  I realize I am being extra cautious but I have dissociative disorder so I figure this is a good chance to get in touch with my body. I have definitely pushed my body to the breaking point in the past. I’ve also spent so much time hating and taking my body for granted so now that I have been made to slow down I want to use this time. I had some pains before that I couldn’t figure out so I am trying to work that out. My feet have been heaps better. No hormones and no high impact has helped tremendously. My bad left knee which has hurt everyday for 3 years hasn’t kept me awake with burning pain as it used to. So I have seen some improvements. I doubt I will go back to high impact to be honest.


4 responses to “Week 6 Day 1

    • Thanks you too =) Do you mean on the high impact cardio with the jumping? I have a coordination disorder so I have to be careful anyhow. I had before this cut down on it and had created some intense low impact routines which are a lot of fun. Which I will start again probably around the 8 week mark. I might do some hopping type moves, little bounces but explosive jumps I might leave out just for the sake of my joints. Though who knows the hormones caused my joints to be loose and come out of place, like my knee would slide and lock in my sleep. If those issues clear and everything heals up well and I can balance out my muscular imbalances I might try a few of my favorite high impact moves in the future (but I don’t need them to get a good workout I discovered). I had some imbalances before Strong abs, weak back: strong inner thighs weak outer thighs. I don’t feel discouraged though I can’t wait for tomorrow to try a weight-lifting workout it will be lighter to start but I hope by week 8 to basically be where I was with my upper body wise. Abs might take longer because it is 3 months for the internal stuff but honestly the ab stuff I am allowed to do I haven’t had problems with so I don’t think they have weakened much, probably just the lower section where the incision is. Legs I have to be cautious to not apply too much pressure in the pelvic floor for a while so that will take slightly longer than upper body but actually my butt is really firm right now because I have had to use my butt instead of my abs for everything lol

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