Week 5 Day 6

Today I was in the mood to do an exercise video. In the past few weeks I have been following a format quite closely which hasn’t allowed for the same level of variety. I need variety in my life!


I did this video because I figured it would be safe for the pelvic floor and abdomen though it wasn’t actually geared to my specific issue. I did have to modify some of the exercises. In the beginning I had to make various adjustments. I think the main thing was that for child pose/puppy pose I sat in hero pose and stretched my arms that way since I can’t really fold myself up too much (at the moment, usually these poses are very relaxing). I also held a modified cobra pose instead of the mini pushups because my lower back is so horrifically inflexible. For goddess pose which is a deep squat and which really is not recommended for people with any type of pelvic floor issue and which has never really worked well for me I did a 1/2 happy baby pose. I wonder why she included goddess squat my guess is that she personally enjoys the pose and that it is a pose that has been common in human history for giving birth and defecating. I have problems with it personally because I have stiff ankles and feel a sharp pain in my joint around the glute so even without pelvic floor considerations I just find this awkward as heck and hard to perform safely. Also I just don’t think people have as excellent control over their pelvic floor as they believe. I for one think I do my Kegels right only some of the time. I have trouble doing them in time with my breathing. While I do sometimes feel I get the internal move right on occasion that is less than 50% of the time! Most of the time I am squeezing my lower abs too much (other people compensate by squeezing the buttocks or pushing down instead of lifting up). The last thing I changed was that I did a figure 4 glute stretch instead of dead/sleeping pigeon. I personally love dead/sleeping pigeon and I can do it now comfortably but I learned yesterday that it overstretches the ligaments supporting the hips and can cause hip and knee issues. I have hip and knee issues that I have not been able to rectify and I have tried lots of methods so I thought to myself maybe my hip is actually loose from the intense hip stretches I favor in my yoga practice. I figure it is worth a try. After that I got in my hour walk.


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