So today I went to my cleaning job. My coworkers, whom I don’t really speak to without a work related purpose, were rearranging the garage so they were unavailable. I knew in advance that there was really no reasonable way to get assistance as it would involve someone literally following me around though I had hoped that I might ask about the industrial vacuum but the opportunity just wasn’t there (I dragged it out but did not put it away as it would require awkward lifting and maneuvering and it is over my weight limit) I had expected in my month long absence they would employ someone temporarily (lots of businesses do) but I don’t think that was the case because it was absolutely disgusting. It was a very tough day lots of bending, lunging, getting up and down off the floor, crawling on the concrete floors and trying to squeeze into tiny spaces, carrying buckets, up and down step ladders and stairs well you get the idea. I was surprised by all I could do but also pretty irritated and exhausted by the end.


Today was an especially slippery day lots of wet ice and also very dark so I couldn’t really walk outside considering how many near accidents I had just going to and from the bus stop. I did a 45 minute mini cardio session. By mini I mean that I tested out some basic low impact moves to see if I could do them safely so it wasn’t up to speed or anything and between my test moves I walked around and marched to get some steps in.


The next section deals with matters of a personal/sexual nature so don’t read if you don’t want to know. Lots of women, myself included, have questions about masturbation after a hysterectomy. I asked my doctor when clitoral masturbation would be safe and he said whenever you feel up to it. Which I found too vague to be helpful even if it is common sense. When researching online most of the info was on penetrative sex but at last I did get an estimate of 2-3 weeks. I decided to try it today. I was a little anxious and not totally sure of success so I was actually super surprised when I succeeded (no harder to achieve than previously). So how was it? It was really intense and pretty lengthy, so the answer is yes I can orgasm. I can say that because the contractions of orgasm are deep and powerful 2 weeks would have been too soon for me personally. I mean everything pretty much goes into convulsions and once it starts you are committed!


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