Okay so yesterday we went into town and had lunch. Car rides as I already knew are not the most comfortable thing in the world even though hubby is a very good driver. We parked very close to the restaurant and I feel that it went fine, plus it was tasty haha. I then decided to take my daily walk in town but there happened to be a X-mas market so it ended up being too many people and having to maneuver around and so cold I couldn’t stop shaking. The walk actually went better on the way back where I didn’t have to swerve constantly to avoid crowds. Yesterday though I did get 2,600 some steps which is my best. Today I am doing pretty good I think. By good I don’t mean pain free or the swelling is gone but you know better than before, freer in movement. I was able to do the 3rd exercise in my posture series and a few other exercises during yoga. From day 1 I have been thinking about my posture so I feel like I can stand strait and that nothing is pulling or adhering or anything weird. I haven’t had any issues with my breathing throughout this process and my nose has actually been clearer so I am thinking the Provera was exacerbating my allergies. My allergies aren’t gone I do sneeze and get sniffly but not as much and at night my nose isn’t stuffed whereas before lying down made it very hard to breathe out of my nose. I haven’t seen a reduction in the dryness of my eyes or mouth and I did hope Provera was contributing to that at least. I am feeling optimistic but a little impatient because I am so excited to get back into exercise. I am trying to shift that into an excitement about rehabilitation and planning my next 3 months (it takes 3 months for full internal repair). When I am able to swim I will visit the in-laws because they have a pool at their apartment that can be rented out. They live a little too far away for it to be practical regularly but it’s something to look forward to.


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