I had been planning to have my hysterectomy in January I hadn’t even spoken to my bosses about it yet so imagine my surprise when the doctor calls and says that it will be Tuesday next week at 7 am. So that obviously puts a halt on all the preparations I had planned. I basically have to switch gears!


9 responses to “Hysterectomy

  1. I had a complete hysterectomy in 95 at 49. It was the result of my first cancer, uterine. I’m wishing you well. You will be okay. Just make sure to tell or ask the docs and nurses everything ♡

    • I asked so many questions when I met the surgeon and I am sure I will have many more! Did it go well? My ovaries will remain if they are healthy of course but the uterus, cervix, and tubes will be removed. I hope you are cancer free now

  2. wishing you all the best — and for sure, you will have many questions, but as I mentioned briefly in the email – really really pay attention to all the post-op care and instructions they offer, considering the extent of what they are doing and how you’re body is going to react; and although I know you’re not big on “meds” – follow whatever prescribed pain medications they give you – and don’t “take matters into your own hands” (unless you have adverse reactions) …. as long as you have great after care, and support, which I’m sure you will with your family, then you will, with lots of time and rest, come through it all well.

    • I plan to listen carefully and to use this time to learn to listen to and respect my body as much as possible because it is require patience. My therapist was a bit concerned that with dissociative disorder I might not know that I am in pain and that can be sometimes I don’t feel things so there will be some meditation, body scanning happening in an effort to tune in. How did you know I am bad about taking painkillers? Cause I am but I will do as instructed

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