Week 2

So I found this BMI visualizer that allows you to put in your measurements. It has default values and I have apparently unusual measurements because it takes a lot of adjusting but I think it works well.


Okay so before with my weight I was trying to convert to lbs and on top of that compensate for the difference between my scale and the doctor’s scale (my scale weighs 1 kg less maybe I am not sure since I weighed at a different time with clothes/shoes on at the doctor and they guesstimated) but it is hurting my brain so I am just going to use kgs and just use the actual number on my scale to save myself from confusion.

Starting Weight: 65.1 kg

End of Week 1: 64.5 kg

End of Week 2: 64.2 kg

Exercise for the week (also I got my 10,000 steps everyday this week, did yoga everyday, and reached my 2000 calorie burn M T W TH F Sun (don’t know yet)

Monday- P90X2 Eccentric Upper (185)

Tuesday- 30 minute HIIT had a doctor’s appointment (209)

Wednesday- P90X2 Eccentric Lower (281)

Thursday- HIIT (198)

Friday- Yoga

Saturday- V-Sculpt (161)

Sunday- Hike 1 hr and 10 minutes 410 calories, 42 flights of stairs, it was a lot of hills!!! 99 avg pulse

Food (homemade unless specified otherwise)

Diet Diary – November 5, 2018
Breakfast (06:27): Overnight Oats, banana
Snack (08:32): Peanut Butter Bliss Bar
Lunch (12:20): Turkey Chili, 2 thick slices of seeded bread
Junk (14:00): Bite of Fudge
Dinner (17:00): Kung Pao Chicken with Rice, mango (1 cup)

Diet Diary – November 6, 2018
Breakfast (06:27): Pauluns Granola (chocolate, coconut, almonds), kefir, banana
Snack (08:30): 6 baby carrots with hummus
Lunch (12:20): Kung Pao Chicken with Rice
Dinner (17:25): Split Pea Soup, 2 slices of buttered bread
Junk (18:12): 3 small squares of peppermint chocolate (Plopp)

Diet Diary – November 7, 2018
Breakfast (06:27): 2 Open Faced Peanut Butter Sandwiches, banana
Snack (08:26): baby carrots and hummus
Lunch (12:22): miso sweet potatoes and split pea soup
Dinner (17:30): vegetarian bibimbap, 1 mini Snickers

Diet Diary – November 8, 2018 (birthday)
Breakfast (06:28): overnight oats, banana
Food (09:50): Peanut Butter Bliss Bar
Lunch (12:45): vegetarian bibimbap
Dinner (17:05): falukorv with bean pasta (butter/parmesan), 1 slice of Toblerone pie with whipped cream (don’t know why falukorv is maybe bologna?)

Diet Diary – November 9, 2018
Breakfast (06:26): 2 Open Faced Peanut Butter Sandwiches, satsuma
Snack (08:30): hummus with 8 baby carrots
Lunch (12:23): falukorv with bean pasta (butter/parmesan)
Dinner (17:01): Thai Basil Pork (1 TBS of oil instead of 3)
Junk (18:39): hot chocolate

Diet Diary – November 10, 2018
Breakfast (07:36): 3 slices buttered toast, 1 apple, cinnamon tea
Lunch (13:00): Pad Thai (restaurant, large portion) birthday meal with extended family
Dinner (17:30): 2 Open Faced Peanut Butter Sandwiches, banana (no one was very hungry)
I will update about it tomorrow in the comments, it happens to be father’s day so we will be eating with the relatives and there will most assuredly be dessert

Improvements I have seen

My resting pulse is now back to normal 58 bpm, 56 today

My breathing has been excellent this week during aerobic exercise

I feel firmer  and stronger

Problems I had

Didn’t drink enough water


Harder to get 10,000 steps at home so I have to take walks outside and the weather sucks and I encountered an upset moose agitated by some dogs which was terrifying

My goals (for right now)

Drink at least 2.5 Liters Daily

Get 10,000 Steps Daily

Improve Sleep Quality (I do this by listening to meditation music before bed it helps me get more deep sleep)
Take advantage of rest days
Try to burn 2,000 calories on none rest days
Do my pelvic floor exercises
Do a wall squat for 90 seconds (I did  45 seconds today it was fine actually no shake)

3 responses to “Week 2

  1. Dinner will be it’s cooking lol

    (I make it all the time but continuously forget the name, I add extra tuna, and I actually make up the sauce though now that I think of it we may have recently purchased that sauce gah!)

    Diet Diary – November 11, 2018
    Breakfast (07:30): 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1 TBS of honey and 1 tsp of Chia seeds
    Lunch (12:45): chicken and bacon stew, rice, salad, peas, small piece of princess cake
    Drink (12:50): cup of aloe vera juice

    Instead of going out for Father’s Day they prepared a meal, the cake was part of the celebration

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