Today’s Tip “Start where you are!”

Originally I was going to make a Vlog with all the tips I could think of but it got too long and I ended up leaving out quite a lot. Then I thought I will just do 5 tips at once but alas I am just so verbose lol I am doing good btw =)


Start where you are. It’s always a good idea to get a physical before starting any exercise program this is especially true if you have health problems. It can also be helpful to get an assessment by a personal trainer at your local gym as they can get you started on a good beginner’s routine as well as instruct you in the use of all the equipment if it is your first time visiting the gym. I have done this twice personally. Once as a teenager and again after I had Isadora. Remember we all start as beginners. Even if you were fit in the past it is important to ease back into an exercise regime as it might not be possible to pick up where you left off last particularly if you’ve had an injury and/or you’ve being sedentary for an extended period of time. When you workout at your level you will burn calories, you will improve your fitness. If you push yourself too hard, too soon you will only sabotage your efforts. First of all it can be very easy to get discouraged if you aren’t used to challenging yourself physically (it is important to set attainable short-term goals, get a few victories under your belt as it were). Second you can injure yourself which can set you back days or months and in some cases result in a lifelong impairment. Third you are trying to institute a lifestyle change, it takes time to form a habit (longer to form a good habit than a bad one if you ask me!). Whatever program you choose for yourself it has to work in with your life if you don’t have time to workout 4 hours a day then don’t schedule 4 hour workouts (don’t do this even if you have time)! Remember in the beginning you are likely to be sore and likely to require more frequent rest breaks and even rest days as you acclimate to the new demands your placing on your body. A rest day need not be totally inactive you can do yoga or walk, any activity which aids in recovery and healing. You can’t work the same muscle groups everyday. Muscles need time to recover if they are to develop, if you have chosen to lift several days consecutively make sure you are switching muscle groups. You shouldn’t do high impact cardio everyday it’s too hard on the joints and having too much cortisol in the blood can actually inhibit your progress. Don’t be afraid to modify exercises to fit your needs (I look up modifications all the time!). Start with the low impact version of exercises until you have established good form. Personally I often opt for low impact versions due to joint problems. Cardio routines can be modified. Just the other day I did a low impact version of an Insanity workout and burned 400 calories, low impact can still be challenging! I will often start without weight or with a very low weight until I’ve established good technique and then I will only go as high with the weight as I can while maintaining proper form. I like to begin with simple movements, save the complex, full body movements until you have the basics and the core stability to safely perform them. Learn how to breath properly first, oxygen is fuel. If you are not breathing properly you are going to get that sick, dizzy feeling during your workouts. Just doing yoga breathing exercises improved my cardiovascular health tremendously. If you are basically bedridden start with visualization exercises, circulation exercises, breathing exercises, and assisted physical therapy. In January when I have my hysterectomy that’s what I will be doing along with a little walking. For the whole first week I won’t be allowed to do much else! For 6 weeks I won’t be able to train in the traditional sense. Respect your body, working out should not be thought of as a punishment. It’s not a punishment and it can be extremely rewarding if approached from a place of respect and compassion. You can’t workout in someone else’s body, you have to work with what you’ve got! I recommend doing a lot of research to start, find programs that interest you and which have really good reviews if you can’t afford a personal trainer. Try Fitness Blender on Youtube if you are looking for a good free program that caters to all levels.




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