Such is Life

So this is my first week. I only plan to do all this recording for 4 weeks so I can see the difference between the weeks. In my vlog I explained I would 2 weeks intense with 1 rest day. 1 week with 4 intense days and 3 rest days. 1 recovery week. I want to compare the weeks so I can see how to tweak them if need be. After those 4 weeks I won’t record my food (it is a royal pain) I will just mark a calendar when I have eaten in excess/skipped my exercise so I have some reference if I get stalled or gain.

Exercise (note I do 30 minutes of yoga/posture exercises every morning to manage pain which burns between 28 and 50 calories)

I am trying to get a min of 2000 calories burned for the total day (this includes my BMR). I don’t yet know what today will be but so far it is 4 out of 6. On my rest day I didn’t manage and yesterday I was in town most of the day shopping.

I recorded some measurements but mostly not. For meals I typically eat for 1-2 persons depending on what it is. I eat carbs. My preference is protein, veg, then carb from a taste perspective and so carbs are usually what I leave if I don’t clean my plate.

Monday- P90X2 Chest and Back (201 calories)
Tuesday- Plyocide (modified to be low impact: 294 calories)
Wednesday- 30 day Squat Challenge (I took the exercises from that and performed each one 10 times, since some of them were single leg I did over 300 squat type exercises and let me tell you I felt it!: 264 calories)
Thursday- Insanity Max Interval Circuit (modified to be low impact: 407 despite being low impact)
Friday- Rest Day nothing but yoga (Walk to therapy 101 calories)
Saturday- P90X2 Shoulders and Arms (193 calories)
Sunday- 75 minute Walk (454 calories)

Diet Diary – October 30, 2018
Breakfast (06:27): 2 Open Faced Peanut Butter Sandwiches, banana
Snack (08:30): Mixed nuts and berries (2-3 TBS)
Lunch (12:20): Minestrone Soup, 2 slices of bread
Dinner (17:10): Tikka Masala with Rice
Junk (17:40): 1 piece Hemcola, 1 funsize Twix, 1 piece Choco Toffee, 1 cup of Vanilla Chai Hot Chocolate

Diet Diary – October 31, 2018
Breakfast (06:27): Overnight Oats: Oatmeal (1/2 cup), shredded unsweetened coconut (1 TBS), coconut milk (2/3 cup), cocoa powder unsweetened (1 TBS), Chia seeds (1/2 TBS), honey (1 TBS), banana
Snack (08:35): 1 homemade Blogilates Peanut Butter Bliss Bar
Lunch (12:20): Tikka Masala with Rice
Dinner (17:20): Pizza Frozen 1/2
Junk (17:40): 1 funsize Snickers

Diet Diary – November 1, 2018
Breakfast (06:27): 2 Open Faced Peanut Butter Sandwiches, banana
Snack (10:00): Barbells Cookies and Cream Protein Bar
Lunch (13:20): Frozen Meal (506 calories)
Dinner (17:39): Crispy Tofu Tacos (fried)

Diet Diary – November 2, 2018
Breakfast (07:07): 3 slices buttered toast, 1 satsuma
Lunch (11:15): 2 Open Faced Ham Sandwiches, a handful of soybeans roasted and salted
Junk (14:11): 10 pieces of Polly (it’s a Swedish candy)
Dinner (17:15): Fried chicken (homemade) with Japanese BBQ chicken sauce, rice, tomatoes and cabbage (5 or 6 strips)

Diet Diary – November 3, 2018
Breakfast (07:00): Paulun’s müsli, banana, kefir (I would say I typically eat 50 to 60 grams of cereal)
Lunch (11:00): Chicken and rice, 1 tsp mayo, shredded cabbage, handful of pomegranates
Water (15:14): Vitamin Water (1 cup)
Dinner (17:20): Large bowl of turkey chili with 1 1/2 large slices of seeded bread and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese
Junk (18:44): Chocolate Croissant (350 calories)

Diet Diary – November 4, 2018
Breakfast (07:10): Pauluns Granola (chocolate, coconut, almonds), kefir, banana
Lunch (11:38): Sweet Potato Donburi with sushi rice and about 2 TBS garlic mayo
Small bite of fudge (weird yes but hubby wanted me taste test something)
Unknown but suspect I might have left over turkey chili and probably some more pomegranates for a snack.

The Paulun’s cereals I use have no added sugar or sweeteners because I don’t like sweet things in the morning. My peanut butter is natural just nuts. As you can see I am far from perfect but I am aiming for a natural/moderate diet. Friday was Sam’s day to cook and he asked Isadora what she wanted and she said fried chicken, so we had fried chicken. We had fried tofu earlier that same week. Twice with fried food this week and I rarely eat fried food. The chocolate croissant was for my daughter as well on her actual birthday we went bowling/she was sick part of that week and she never got a birthday cake so we did this instead. So I ended up eating quite a bit of sweets this week to be honest. Next week is my birthday and it is more holidays from there so meh. You’ll note I am missing a day I downloaded the Diet Diary midway into the week and forgot what I ate the first day I did eat though. I think dinner was 1 1/2 veggie burger, bulgur, and massaged kale.

Calories and Metabolic Rate
You Daily Calorie Requirements
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Daily calories to maintain weight (TDEE)
Daily calories based on goal in step 6
Projected Weight Loss
per week
per month
per year
I have my weight-loss plan set for very low because I am having a hysterectomy in January and I can’t like stress my body out with rapid weight-loss. Also I am trying to make it last.

This week I lost 1 lb which is more than the projected but also possibly just a fluctuation we have to see if I keep losing to know if it’s working


7 responses to “Such is Life

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. I managed to lose 7lbs in October and have another 7 to 14 to go. Today has not been a good day as I’ve been ‘picky’.

    • Goodluck to you as well! I am nervous about the hysterectomy for many reasons but also because the doctor has chosen abdominal surgery and that is a longer recovery and a good few weeks where I won’t be able to train or do more than walking. So my diet will need to be spot on for my recovery. So for like 5 weeks I really ought to go no sugar so I can heal properly. lt is so dark and so icy in Sweden at that time I wonder how I will walk. I am trying to convince hubby to buy a used treadmill but it’s expensive. I am hoping before then to lose about 5 lbs really so not a lot but just so I am not overweight for the surgery. Then once I am recovered I have to build up again and hopefully can gradually lose the remainder. So my plan is not that fast paced!

  2. I tried keeping records of food intake. However I have a Fitbit and that seems to do enough recording for me. I know I have to cut out some sugary foods that have no value. I do use a natural sugar substitute for coffee. And I do like honey with tea.

    I get in mostly 10,000 steps a day. Not always burning off more calories (or equal) than I have taken in.

    It looks like you are doing what you can for your body to get ready for your surgery. Wishing you a swift recovery.

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