Within her eyes whole constellations ignite

And within her I am returned to ash,

To the same austere alter no wiser.

She will not accept my sacrifices

And I have made many, great and small.

She is wild, a wilderness unto herself.

I spend my days entrenched in her enigma

But she doesn’t find me unparalleled.

I am only a man and there are so many.

She is deep and labyrinthine.

I cannot reach her

though I have traveled long and without luxury.

I cannot create another in her image

There is no substitute.

How very slow this death

And how very patient a man

When he finds himself beguiled.

A lifetime is hardly too much to give

In the pursuit of one’s muse.




11 thoughts on “Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Wilderness

  1. Ooh, a wild muse can be such an enrapturing influence and there’s none other like her. I hope those sacrifices are worth it.
    A well-penned verse, Yves. Hope you are doing well. πŸ™‚

      1. haha we are each trying to make a cupcake that looks like an animal. Hubbie had a hedgehog, child has a sheep, I have a polar bear. I hope you feel better =)

  2. the pursuit of the wilds, the wilderness, of the wild, unstoppable, untraceable muse – and to liken it to a love affair … is of course, truly … well, it’s often the case, yes? an affair of the heart – of love/hate – and in your hands … words …. well, don’t you just capture it in a whole new way ….
    I love the opening lines and just did my “holy smokes” at
    To the same austere alter no wiser.

    yup, this is a wonderful walk into the wilderness/wilds …. πŸ˜€

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