Wordle #198 (Inner Critic)

Week 192.png

She is numerous.

I number my days

according to her slights.

She cheapens my gains

with nestled half-truths.

Sometimes she is muted,

her woebegone stare,

her artificial pout

hanging in space like ellipses.

I hate her and it grows

exponentially each day.

She is deleterious to my sanity

and very particular that I should remain

maternal and at arm’s length.

Her behavior is outrageous.

She watches from on high

while the consequences take effect.

Her tongue is parched

from stirring the same acerbic soup.

She greets me with a sneer

and amasses my doubts around her

like a suit of thorns.



2 responses to “Wordle #198 (Inner Critic)

  1. Wow she sounds awful and like he’s trapped by her. A wonderful piece. Thanks for participating in this Wordle.

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