Wordle #199

Week 193.png

Our fingers tenon,

sheets an epigrammatic tangle.

We are wrought of the same

rusty Monet sunsets,

two canvasses, one ineffable portrait.

I peer back at you

with a lemon tart smile,

we’ve overslept again.

The vases by the bed lay broken,

victims of our latest scuffle.

I want to climb you like a hill

and ride your contours

down into oblivescence.

I want to love you

until there is nothing left

to differentiate us.




6 responses to “Wordle #199

  1. I love the sparsity of this Yves – it’s simple, eloquent and yet it delivers and offers us an image that speaks volumes, while leaving enough mystery for the mind-infusion. And I was so surprised at “we are wrought of the same/rusty Monet sunsets” …. wow! that is just stellar.
    Clever word-crafting –
    musing on lemon tart smiles and broken vases ….

    (I know, you’re “out of writing practice loop – but seriously? LOL – you can still bring it to the light and leave one walking away from the reading with a smile, perhaps wry – but entirely delightful and delicious, at least, for me.)

  2. Romantic? Rusty Monet sunsets… and vases broken – oversleeping,
    almost a honeymoon feel… But then if you love someone your honeymoon never stops 😉

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