Bonus Moment of Tangency

We pass without meeting

pupils crushed to specks

in the whispering sun.

I make a wish

on a fallen eyelash

but it doesn’t take.

Your dress sways and flourishes

like butterflies in love.

The air smells of mocha

and hints of vanilla.

Sultry clouds pout from above.

I watch you dismantle

a sheet of paper,

fragile hands closing like a tourniquet

over each syllable.

From the other end of the veranda

my heart sweats in empathy

if only I could breach the gulf

that stretches between us.

Desperately behind in my wordling


4 thoughts on “Bonus Wordle “Moment of Tangency”

  1. Write when you can…
    I like that bit about the eyelash wish… sometimes we are so desperate we hope and depend on the most odd bits… of folk lore and myth.
    And the dress swaying like butterflies in love – a delightful capture 🙂

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