Sunday Writing Prompt #242 “The House as Self”

I took a few more shots this morning because I wanted to include some recent additions.


There is wood in the chest. We bought the chest 2nd hand, very cheap so it wasn’t in great shape (the top wasn’t otherwise good). It is a dowry chest. The fire poker my husband made at his first blacksmithing class. We almost never have a fire because we suck at lighting them and because we don’t use it often the chimney is wet and it makes it  too smoky. The plant there is our longest lived plant not in great shape but alive. We are where plants come to die.


We also bought a new sofa to replace the one we had previously which was 15 years old. I write with my lap top while sitting on the sofa. No we don’t have throw pillows but we do have snuggly blankets. Our decorative items are usually one the window sills because we don’t have anywhere else really to put them lol Isadora made the little pink angel. The plant that looks like a stick is my desert rose (it becomes leafless in the winter). I grew it from a seed and boy was I surprised that it grew at all, much less that it has lasted a year.


Hubbie sits here usually. First time we have ever owned a foot stool. Our coffee table is one of our most hated pieces of furniture lol We hope to shop a new one, probably second hand at some point.


A kitchen cabinet and part of our new induction stove. Our old stove was from the 80s and the glass in door was letting out cold air and it was starting to melt around one of the burners that ran too hot so it was time!


Cleaning closet probably one of the best, cheap organization tips I have found for cleaning supplies.