Sunday Writing Prompt #242 “The House as Self”

For the challenge I decided to take pictures inside drawers and cabinets and all the places you don’t usually see when people are showing off their houses. I organize when I get stressed, at least sometimes.  I have other coping mechanisms too like exercise or writing but whatever it is I tend to be obsessive. I have unlimited energy for the thing I am obsessed with and a very low tolerance for anything else. I am not like this all the time though, thankfully because I don’t think anyone could live with me if I was.

Sorry for the blurriness hands are freezing!



Coffee is on top, tea on the bottom. We have a tremendous amount of tea. I never drink coffee.


My 10 year old daughter’s sock drawer


A little snippet of the downstairs bathroom, the one my daughter uses. Nothing is perfect I mean what does that even mean? It is all about accessibility, at least I try to make everything as convienient as possible to use and find. I don’t always succeed but I really do try to be considerate even when I am on a rampage. If it hadn’t been late I would have taken a few more shots.