Week 174
You were the first
to send me to Windglum,
the first to growl in my ear,
the first to dampen my heart with kiss.
I loved you only so much as I was able,
which proved daunting and insufficient.

To what do I owe this abysmal fall?
Was it a word or a deed or an absence?
My breath sours as I speak.
I will not call to you in our native tongue
I will not flail or beg or commit
to another futile attempt at reconciliation.
You have gone off now like a comet
and though alone I am still only a harlequin.

(written in 2 minutes, my god I need to find some time to write)


16 thoughts on “Wordle #184

  1. You wrote that in two minutes! Wow! But were it a minute or a month, I love the lines, especially this one “My breath sours as I speak.” because I imagine fear tastes sour and sometimes words can’t mend what’s broken.

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