I am not a man who visits desire.

A shriveled fruit, a pillar of salt

my emptiness splits me like a moat.

I am the alter ego who got away.

a crippled fetus, a dissident fugue

the light shrugs me off like a ghost.

I sleep with the corners tucked in

that I can keep the darkness close

for in that darkness I have no distinction.

I haven’t written very much poetry lately nothing that you haven’t seen so I am very rusty



7 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt #228 “It’s All In The Title”

  1. We are not much different in that. I am a bit bit rusty myself after taking a 2 year vow of silence. Ha.

    How spare your words.

    The first one makes for an interesting comparison. Without desire he is empty? And yet desire can lead to that pillar of salt, that dried fruit. So the risk is in chasing it, or not. So we choose which.

    A crippled fetus. Jarring imagery. The light wont even come near me. So isolated.

    The last though, I think makes it for me. Tucking in to keep the darkness close – like it is your only friend.

  2. Brilliant last stanza – totally rocks it.

    Rusty? Well, you’ve nailed it anyhow. And you know, each beginning is an adventure ….

      1. yeah, you did show, did the whole Sherlock thing, but in another fit of “hmm why bother?” I’ve already trashed it …. LOL – call me fickle and fiendish – just can’t find a “space” where I’m “okay” with my scribbling …. and not that it really matters, but I was writing on blogger.

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