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I am at 66 pages on my story my goal is 200! I have already written more than I have ever written on one piece so that in itself is an accomplishment. I have cleaned it up, added new content, and moved it to Google Docs now. If anyone wants to see what I have done I can email you an invite. Just don’t read the last chapter because that would be the one I am currently working on. I can’t say as it progresses if I won’t got back and change or even redo things, it’s a process. I have a lot to learn!


Now on to the point. I mentioned in a previous post I was concerned about the name of my main character. I like his name a lot but because I borrowed it from a game and that is the only place I have ever seen the name I am not sure if it is okay for me to use.  If you have other D names you can suggest them. I really feel strongly that D is the right letter for his name though.

So onwards to the poll!


24 responses to “Choose A Name

  1. Do you know I had Damien in mind before I saw the list of D names? I suggest Damien. I’m a writer as well working on my first action-romance novel, Secret Devils. Although, I have written several ebooks as well mainly religious ones.
    However, I’ll love to see what you’re writing. Email me:

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the suggestion much appreciated! It is horror/gay romance so if you are still interested let me know and I will send it, if not I won’t be offended. Good luck with your new book! That is most impressive. I have published poetry books before but never a novel, I am just hoping to finish it

  2. You’re well on your way in this experience – all around kudos to you.

    how about something like Daikon? just a thought …. and from the episodes I’ve been reading etc. even as I kept seeing the name as you’ve written it, my mind was “auto correcting” it to this … don’t know why …. either way, I’m sure you’ll find what will work just right –

    I’d be interested in reading, may take me awhile, attention span is so often shorter than I intend or like, but I’m still game –

    so here’s my email:

    and Lorraine forwarded me an email you sent out – you still need someone to fill in for you in July? Let me know, I’m pretty sure I can work this in, if it means less hassle for others having to double-take etc. on pingbacks etc.

    • Thank you so much for all the guidance you have provided so far and thanks for helping out over at MLMM! You are amazing. I have no idea where this journey will take me but I am trying to keep an open and curious mind about everything.

      I actually really do like that name but daikon is a Japanese radish. I think I know what I will go with but I am going to creep over to the poll and have one more peek haha

      I have severe ADD and Disassociative Disorder so my attention span is scary bad sometimes, like has she just had a stroke bad

      • yeah, I know, Daikon = makes me laugh – a character named after a radish …. but I’m weird that way …. 😉

        no problems about everything – glad to be allowed to walk this play/experience with you 🙂 And it’s also beneficial – helps me pull out some long dusty skills, and since “writing” has changed so much, it helps me “re-define” my own ideas and understanding, guidelines etc. too ….

        well, we all work with what we have – who we are – and that’s just good enough 🙂

      • I hope it is a pleasant experience for you as well and not just mind-numbing tedium and cringing.

        Daikon is cute. Right now I am debating between Dachen and Dachon because they sound so similar

      • LOL – listen, I wouldn’t do it if it was mind-numbing tedium etc. I think I’ll get as much out of it, as you will, hopefully, by way of input, and just generally, of the experience of it all.

        LOL – now, I have this weird, odd picture of a guy who is somehow radishy red , not necessarily a physical attribute, but like a certain kind of v-neck tee-shirt, with a certain, slimmish build, height, hair colour floating in my mind …. and I’m wondering what he wants and what, if anything, will come of it – LOL – damn the overly weird imagination!

        Those are good options too – either way, you can always “nail the name” towards the end of the process – because I’m thinking, i.e. feeling, like that gut-intuition thing, that as you work through the editing, more and more, you’ll flesh out the character more, or understand him more, in relation to himself and the others, and then you’ll be able to “pin down” his name, or he’ll let you know with more certainty.

      • Hopefully we will both learn a lot! I still have not settled on how scary I want to go with this, right now I think I am leaning toward more creepy odd

        lol You should write a short story with your radish man

        The thing is I have actually had this particular character since high school which explains a bit I think but I have been calling him Dak’kon for years and years so that is why it is weird for me to switch names

      • I might have to right a story about radish man …. I’ll let him sit with me for a bit, and see what happens …..

        Well, this definitely explains, at least in part, why you feel so strongly about the name ….. and it’s interesting that you’re telling the story, now, although perhaps you have, many other times, in other ways, or different elements and parts …. as for which way? You’ll know more as you go 🙂

      • I have had the character but I put him in all sorts of different situations and scenarios, this scenario is new and as of yet unknown even to me lol He is often paired with Nikolai though

        let me see that story when it comes into being

      • I know exactly what you mean – about the character being present, in all kinds of ways and scenarios, almost like a real-life friend …. (right, and to anyone else, that sounds absolutely bat-shit crazy?! – okay, guilty as charged, but what do I care) …..

        LOL@radish man – he’s still lingering …. kind of hanging in the shadows or peripheral edges …

      • I think a lot of writers do this, but then again I am sure a lot of writers are crazy. I love creating characters and while I never succeed in writing them I do tell myself a lot of stories lol

        I am excited to see what radish man gets up too!

      • LOL – well at least the stories offer some delightful distractions 😉 …. as for radish man …. he’s being very devious ….

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